About the Millerbots

About the Millerbots

     The Washburn Millerbots, now in our 10th season, were founded in 2008 by Sarah Etzel, Peter Grul, Jerrod Nelson, Mark Le Feber and Linda Teppo. Based out of Washburn High School in Minneapolis, Minnesota, we compete as FIRST Robotics Team 2549. Over the past decade, our team has won three Regional competitions, two Imagery awards, two Safety awards and gone on to compete at Nationals three times.

     As Millerbots, we are more than just a sports team, we are a family – or at the very least, a group of very close-knit friends. While our obvious aim as a FIRST Robotics team is to win each season, we have other goals as well. We provide our team members with experiences in real-world engineering, design, and problem-solving; we learn how to work together as a team and effectively communicate complex ideas, even through disagreement; and we offer the possibility to earn a chunk of over $20 million in scholarships.

     As of 2017, we are also working to make the Carl Perkins grant available to schools with FRC teams, which will make FRC teams all across the country more sustainable. This grant provides funds to CTE (Career and Technical Education) teams and activities, and as such would allow teams to spend less time seeking opportunities to raise money to fund their season – and more time learning, designing, building and winning.

Washburn Millerbots (Team 2549) FIRST Robotics Competition Awards

  • Winner – 2008 Wisconsin Regional
  • Winner – 2009 Minnesota North Star Regional
  • Winner – 2011 Minnesota North Star Regional
  • Winner – 2012 Industrial Safety Award
  • Winner – 2014 Imagery Award in honor of Jack Kamen
  • Winner – 2015 Imagery Award in honor of Jack Kamen
  • Winner – 2016 Pit Safety Award
  • Winner – 2017 Best Mascot
  • Winner – 2018 Engineering Inspiration Award


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