Who are the Millerbots?

The Millerbots are the FIRST robotics team for Washburn Senior High in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Founded in 2008, our team has had many successes such as going to Nationals three times and winning the imagery award in 2014 and 2015.

The Millerbots provide our team members with experience in real world engineering, teamwork skills, opportunities for over $30 million in scholarships, company and school recognition, the chance to explore the STEM field, and much more. We are a group of curious and dedicated high school students with a drive to create the best robot that we can every season and overcome any obstacles in our way.


What Makes the Millerbots Special?

While many FRC teams are focused solely on winning competitions, our team is primarily devoted to the growth and learning of our members. Our mentors and coaches, while remarkably helpful and important for the success of our team, are very hands-off and willing to teach valuable skills instead of demonstrating them. This gives students the ability and independence needed to succeed. We are an entirely student run team, taking roles that would traditionally be filled by teachers and parents. Robotics is more than just building a robot; it’s building a website, networking, accounting, and graphic design ― it’s maintaining a team and a community.


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