How you can help

Thank you!

The Millerbots would like to thank all of the generous family members, friends, and community members who have donated to the team and helped us reach the point we are at today!

Creating a robot requires a lot of resources and materials, and help (either through volunteering some of your time and skills or through donating) will always be greatly appreciated!

Don’t have the time to buy us tools? Make a tax deductible credit card donation here!

Item Price Quantity Total From
Pizza Night (contact us) Domino’s
Snacks lots Wherever
Battery (Interstate Batteries SLA116 12V 18Ah&nbsp) Set of 2 $96 1 (comes in a pair) $96 AndyMark
Pneumatic tubing $18 20 ft $18 AndyMark
80/20 $30 4 $120 Air Engineering & Supply
C-Channel $18 6 $108 AndyMark
HP 628669-001 10.8 Volt LI-ion Laptop Battery $26.99 2 $53.98 BattDepot

If you want to contact us, email:

Some things we need help with:

  • Building the years game pieces
  • Raising money for the team.
  • Finding more sponsors.
  • Parents to be in charge of potlucks, to spread the word to other parents.